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Strength Training Bundle

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Ready to take your climbing to the next level?

We all know the best way to train for rock climbing is to spend time climbing—whether you do this at the gym or the crag. However, having a focused strength and endurance training plan will also translate to improvements when you’re taking on that next big route or problem. We've bundled together a great little package to help you on your way to being the crusher you've always dreamed of being. 


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Book: Unstoppable Force – Strength Training for Climbing    1
YY Elastic Bands (Green; 15kg) 1
Beastmaker 1000 Hangboard 1



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Unstoppable Force – Strength Training for Climbing

Climbing is a skill sport, but in order to maximize our skills, we need a foundation of strength. In this book, you will learn the building blocks of developing an optimal level of general strength and then adding specific climbing strength to it. Focusing both on gym-based strength training and specific finger strength training, the programs outlined in Unstoppable Force are designed to keep you climbing harder, longer, and free of injury. By developing a high level of strength, you can better withstand the rigors of hard specific climbing practice. Whether you are just looking to brush up on some fundamental exercises in the gym or are looking for a comprehensive training program for strength, this is the book you need. This book features 288 full-color pages on strength training and hangboard training specifically for the rigors of hard climbing.


Beastmaker 1000

The Beastmaker 1000 hangboard has been ergonomically designed for the hands of those who are a bit newer to climbing and training but want to progress quickly. This board is suitable for those climbing from 5a all the way to 7c or even further if you fancy taking on some one armed deadhangs. The dirty 45 degree slopers and monos which are apparent on the Beastmaker 2000 have been removed to make way for some jugs and more variation of the pocket depths. The Beastmaker 1000 is made from wood with a very fine texture which is very kind to your skin and the holds have been radiused to avoid tweaking any fingers. See full specs here.


YY Elastic Bands

Made of high quality, durable and odourless silicone, the YY Vertical rubber bands allow you to strengthen your muscles or stretch them. Designed for physical preparation, this is an essential accessory for your training sessions.


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