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Skin Care Bundle

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Keep your skin fresh and ready for the send...

Nail clippers and skin file to keep those climbing digits in sending conditions, tape to cover those splits and flappers, and Hand Jam to soothe and repair after a hard session.


Bundle Contents


 Item  Qty 
E9 Critter Nail Clippers 1
Metolius Finger Tape [Colours may vary]     1
E9 Raccichitt Skin File 1
Hand Jam (Small; 30ml) 1



Product Details


E9 Critter Nail Clippers

Heavy duty stainless steel nail clipper. The sharp smartly designed curved cutting edge ensures you can get rid of those jagged edges with ease. 


Metolius Finger Tape

A cotton polyester blend athletic tape with a super sticky formula. Protect your fingers during long climbing sessions. [Colours may vary]


E9 Raccichitt Skin File

Tired of flappers? Tired of callouses that tug after you've tried that move for the 10th time? Miss having any feeling sensation in your fingertips after so many years of grabbing holds? Fret no more the Raccichitt skin filer is here! Two grains of sandpaper, one on each side, one finer, one rougher. Extra sandpaper is included. The unique head shape allows you to work the finer point of your hard spots so that you can pull on (hopefully) pain free next session.


Hand Jam

Hand Jam is an all natural hand cream designed for rockclimbers by rockclimbers.

Have you have climbed so much that the skin on your hands is raw, becoming thin or wearing out? Using Handjam will speed up your skin’s recovery so that you can climb again the next day.


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