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Rope Maintenance Bundle

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Cleaning, fixing, zen...

Get the best clean possible on your rope with the rope brush and rope/harness wash combo. Remark the centre point of your rope with the Tendon Rope Marker.



Bundle Contents

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Skylotec Skywash (for ropes/harnesses)      1
Beal Rope Brush 1
Tendon Rope Marker 1



Product Details


Skylotec Skywash

Ecological mild detergent for very dirty climbing ropes or harnesses.


Beal Rope Brush

A brush specifically created to clean ropes. Adapts easily to different diameters. Twist the brush onto the rope then run the rope through the brush while holding it firmly under water.


Tendon Rope Marker

A simple and useful means for rope marking – both centres and several metres from the rope ends. Marking with the Rope Marker makes rope handling easier and increases safety. The chemical composition does not affect the structure and properties of the rope and guarantees a long durability of marking.


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