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Everyday Climber Bundle

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The perfect gift for the climber in your life - a collection of goodies that are always needed and appreciated. Every product in this bundle is something that climbers regularly need to buy more of, so there's no need to worry about buying something they already have!


Bundle Contents

 Item  Qty 
Szent Y Chalk 113g 1
Metolius Finger Tape [Colour may vary]      1
Hand Jam (Small; 30ml) 1
Chimpanzee Bar [Flavour may vary] 1
Pongoes Shoe Deodoriser 1



Product Details


Szent YChalk

YCHALK is an all-round chalk suitable for any activity where you just can't compromise on grip. Superfine is our powder variant that offers exceptionally smooth coverage. Created for the purist, YChalk is a base magnesium carbonate with nothing else added.


Metolius Finger Tape

A cotton polyester blend athletic tape with a super sticky formula. Protect your fingers during long climbing sessions. [Colours may vary]


Hand Jam

Hand Jam is an all natural hand cream designed for rockclimbers by rockclimbers.

Have you have climbed so much that the skin on your hands is raw, becoming thin or wearing out? Using Handjam will speed up your skin’s recovery so that you can climb again the next day.


Chimpanzee Bar

Natural sport nutrition for your everyday adventures. Chimpanzee natural products will satisfy even the most demanding energy replenishment requirements, BEFORE, DURING and AFTER sports activities. [Flavour may vary]


Pongoes Shoe Deodoriser

PONGOES® are what you need to eliminate those stinky shoes and sports equipment. You can have peace of mind knowing your shoes aren’t going to stink out the house, car or gym bag. PONGOES® are 100% Australian owned & hand-made with raw natural calico & cotton completely disposable & biodegradable, safe for the entire home. They fit easily into any shoe, helmet, gym bag, or really, any place that you need to eliminate moisture & neutralise odour.


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