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At Pinnacle Sports, we believe that climbing is more than just a sport.

Climbing is a lifestyle with a history too rich to cover on this page but, if there's one single quality that can connect every climber in the world together, it's a passion for getting vertical!

The world of climbing is ever-changing. New grades are climbed, new gear is developed, new routes are established, new mountains are conquered, new world champions are crowned, new areas are explored, and new limits are pushed every day. None of this would possible without the people whose passion drives them to climb, train, explore, develop, or even just comment on a climbing forum every now and then.

As the world of climbing changes and progresses, we celebrate those individuals who dedicate their lives to climbing and who are driving that progression in various ways. We believe that an active and healthy climbing community requires role models that represent every aspect of climbing. We also believe that climbing companies like us have the power to make positive changes in the climbing community by empowering individuals to pursue their dreams.

To that end, we have chosen to support people who we believe best represent our values and vision for the world of climbing. They are our Pinnacle Ambassadors. By supporting these individuals, we hope to play our part in growing the climbing community. To find out more about our Pinnacle Ambassadors, follow the links below.

Competition and Performance
Expedition and Exploration


Lucy Stirling



Photo by Ann Stirling



Lucy has been a member of the Pinnacle Sports Team since 2011 and has since become one of the biggest names in the Australian climbing scene today.

She has been climbing for as long as she can remember but began to really focus on the sport aspect during high school. She drew on her background in gymnastics to help develop her skills as a climber and eventually she found herself competing at a national level.

During her first national competition, she realised that it was possible to compete at an international level and that has been her focus ever since, with the ultimate dream being to represent Australia at the 2020 Olympics. She is well on her way to achieving this goal, having been crowned Australian Lead Climbing Champion in 2014 and 2016, Oceanic Lead Climbing Champion in 2013 and 2016, and representing Australia internationally in multiple World Cups.





Tiffany Melius


Photo by Shane Murdoch

Tiffany joined the Pinnacle Sports team in 2016. Born and raised in Brisbane, she now lives and climbs in North Vancouver, Canada.

Since a young age, her passion for success and her willingness to put in hard work has manifested itself both academically and through extra-curricular activities. At 14, her interest in gymnastics waning, she searched for a new sport to engage with and became hooked on rock climbing. Within three months she was entering competitions and has since gone on to represent Australia in the Asian X-Games in 2004 and multiple Bouldering World Cups.

In addition to climbing at a competitive level, Tiffany is a non-profit leader and a life coach.  She is currently working on bringing the principles of life coaching into climber athlete development, facilitating workshops and speaking at conferences for climbing coaches.




Flora Froese


Photo by Set In Stone Photography

Flora grew up climbing everything around her, from trees and door frames to the ceilings of buses and trains. When she discovered sport climbing in primary school she felt as though she was “coming home” and began regularly climbing both indoors and outdoors. 

It didn’t take long for her to start competing and she has already claimed the Queensland Youth B Championships for both lead climbing and bouldering. She has her eyes on the national stage and is aiming to achieve a national podium in the coming year with the ultimate goal being to represent Australia at the World Youth Championships and climb alongside her climbing heroes.

She loves travelling and exploring new crags and has had a taste of international climbing already on a recent trip to Thailand. Climbing isn’t her only passion, however: she also enjoys art (particularly photography) and is kept busy with school work, flipping burgers, and coaching young climbers.

Flora came on board as a Pinnacle Ambassador in 2017 and we are super excited to be a part of her climbing journey from such an early stage!




Josh Worley


Josh was always climbing growing up in regional Queensland however wasn’t formally climbing outdoors until a trip to Thailand in 2007 when he was 19. Six years later whilst in Switzerland, Josh experienced an ‘awakening’ when he was first introduced to alpine climbing amongst glaciated peaks and has been dedicated to developing the skills and capability to climb technical routes in the world’s alpine environments ever since.

In 2018 Josh will embark on the journey of a lifetime on his personal project, the ‘Vertical Year’. He will set out to climb classic and inspiring routes in iconic destinations around the world whilst aiming to raise more than $100,000 for two incredible charities – the Climate Council and ReachOut Australia. The Vertical Year will cover a diverse range of climbing styles and environments including ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies, summiting 6000m peaks in the Andes, big wall rock climbing in U.S.A, summer alpine routes in New Zealand and of course, lots of rock climbing.  

You can follow his journey at the project’s website here and support his fundraising efforts here.  

Note – 100% of funds go direct to the two charities. Josh does not take a cut or percentage to finance the project.




Ryan Siacci & Morag Stewart


A Brisbane native, Ryan Siacci was originally introduced to the vertical world through our Top Rope and Introduction to Mountaineering courses. He found his purpose on the summit of Mt Ruapehu in New Zealand, deciding then and there to launch a professional career in the mountains. He has since travelled to Alaska, Spain, New Zealand and Patagonia in pursuit of his passion before returning to Australia, where he now works as a guide for us at Pinnacle Sports.

Morag Stewart hails from Bairnsdale, a small country town in East Gippsland, Victoria. Her career as a Freshwater Ecologist turned Catchment Scientist brought her to Brisbane, where she began climbing as a means for fitness and social interaction. Equally scientific in her approach to climbing, she has undertaken several courses in vertical rescue, traditional climbing and outdoor leadership.

After meeting on the autobelay at Urban Climb West End, they began climbing regularly together. Leaning toward trad and adventure climbing, their favourite haunts are Mt Tibrogargan and Frog Buttress. Crack climbing is somewhat addictive, so much so that they eventually moved to Boonah! Their adventures have taken them right across South East Queensland, Blue Mountains, and Red Rock Canyon in Nevada.

2018 will be their biggest adventure yet. Whilst in Las Vegas, the couple bought a van which they will be driving through South America in the ultimate climbing road trip. They’ll clip bolts in Potrero Chico in Mexico, climb at high altitude in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca, jam cracks in Chile and maybe even attempt a few sneaky adventure routes in the Chalten Massif and Torres Del Paine.

Pinnacle Sports will be supporting their journey, which you’ll be able keep up with at Zen and the Art of Climbing, a blog dedicated to the idea that the everyday climber can achieve extraordinary things.




The Traveling Climber


Peta Barret and Scott Hailstone, two of our long-time guides, run The Traveling Climber as part of their overseas climbing expeditions. These two guide locally for us for half the year, before jetting off overseas and taking Pinnacle clients to some of the world's best climbing locations, like Kalymnos in Greece and Cat Ba in Vietnam.

Both incredibly experienced climbers, they delight in sharing their wealth of knowledge both with their clients and with the general climbing community, with The Traveling Climber social media pages constantly putting out little tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your climbing.

You can read a bit more about both Peta and Scott on our Team page.



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