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Logical Progression - 2nd Edition

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Logical Progression, Second Edition. The revised and updated version. Full training plans built on nonlinear training principles, with all-new block program progressions.

Training for climbing can be fun, but sticking to a schedule can be desperately hard. Many climbers have seen the value of a carefully planned out, periodized training program. Clearly, such programs work, but many of us can’t stick to such a rigid schedule.What if there were a better way? What if there were a more flexible way of planning that provided the same great results? And what if such a program allowed you to maintain high levels of climbing performance much longer than you could on a traditional program?For the climber that has limited time to train, there may be no better program than the nonlinear plans laid out in Logical Progression. For anyone who wants to get fit and stay fit for long trips and redpoint seasons, the programs outlined in this book can give you a great advantage.

For the second edition, we have added an entire new section on Block Programming, essentially a hybrid between nonlinear and traditional periodization models. With all new session templates and exercise suggestions, this book will help you get a handle on all the variables that training for climbing will throw at you. Based on solid science and tested by hundreds of climbers, the programs in Logical Progression are a simple and very effective way of organizing training, and making sure that progress keeps coming.

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