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Hand Jam

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Product Information

Hand Jam is an all natural hand cream designed for rockclimbers by rockclimbers.
Have you have climbed so much that the skin on your hands is raw, becoming thin or wearing out? Using Handjam will speed up your skin’s recovery so that you can climb again the next day.
It’s a fact that dry skin does not heal!
Vegetable oils have emollient properties that protect the skin and prevent moisture from evaporating. They supply the skin with essential fatty acids which have specific healing properties.
Hand Jam also contains calendula which helps promote healing and skin repair. Calendula is a natural anti-inflammatory and is beneficial for chapped and cracked skin.
How to use Hand Jam
For maximum results …
  • Use it after climbing
  • Wash hands and towel dry
  • Apply to hands, let it soak in for a minute, then massage it in. Don’t forget the back of your hands and around your fingernails
  • Apply 3 times – soon after climbing, a few hours later and just before going to sleep.
  • Can also be used to soothe chapped and wind burnt lips.
2 Sizes:
  • Large - 60ml
  • Small - 30ml
  • Extra Large - 120ml

Our Reviews

Hand Jam

Great product - does wonders for your hands after a day of climbing