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What goes into a Pinnacle Sports Top Rope Kit?

What's In The Bag?

You may have seen us at Kangaroo Point or the Glass House mountains lugging boxes and bags of gear to and from the cliffs. As experts in the field, we’ve been operating as a guiding company for close to 20 years, and have tried and tested the best gear for the setup.

It can be daunting committing to building your own setups and owning your own gear, which is why we're here to make the process easy. Below is an essential list of kit you'll find in a top-rope setup at a crag like Kangaroo Point (or anywhere with cliff-top access). If you are unsure how to safely rig a top rope anchor or need a refresher, Pinnacle Sports offers courses taught by qualified instructors to get you on your way.



Climbing Rope This rope should be dynamic, designed to give soft catches to the climber. Consider 10mm - 10.2mm diameter for a durable, long-lasting rope. A length between 60 meters and 70 meters would be suitable for Queensland crags. A longer rope will give you more length to work with when trimming the tail down the track (check out our rope maintenance blog here), however it will make your load heavier for walk-ins. Pinnacle’s Pick: Beal Antidote 10.2mm 60m.


Rigging Line We recommend that this rope is static. This line will be used to create the focal for your anchor. For Kangaroo Point we would recommend a length of 20 meters as a comfortable length to work with. A recommended diameter would be from 10.5mm to 11mm.



Steel Locking Carabiners These carabiners are used for connecting the climbing rope to the anchor created from the static rope. We recommend steel for any dynamic movement - steel is more durable than alloy, although they are heavier.


Alloy Locking Carabiners These carabiners will be used to secure the Top Rope Anchor (static line) to bolts or rings. Pinnacle’s Pick: 737 Big D Kong Screw Gate.


Webbing Handy for extending your anchors or wrapping around anchor points such as trees or bollards. In our kits we have 10 meter and 5 meter lengths to allow for setups in a variety of environments.


Rope Protectors Essential to any top rope kit, these will ensure you’ll get a long life out of your static rope. Pinnacle’s Pick: Ferno Rope Pro. Two rope protectors would be recommended.


Storage Bag/Box A bag or box to keep your set up clean and dry and all together. We use storage boxes or the durable Black Diamond Stubby Haul Bag.




Setup Safety A safety line to keep you anchored in while you're setting up. This could be a prussik cord like the Jammy or Hollowblock or you could cut your own length of Tendon 6mm Cord.


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