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Kong 737 Big D Screw Gate

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Best. Carabiner. Ever.

In my opinion the Kong 737 Big D is the most versatile carabiner on the market. I've still got a few of these that are over 20 years old, and still going strong. I'm so glad Kong has kept the same basic design for this carabiner, as it doesn't need improving. My favourite thing about it is the narrowness, despite it being a Big D size. This allows you to clip through any anchor chain, hanger, or whatever you come across at the crag. I own a few different brands of carabiner, but I often struggle to get them to clip through chains, whereas the Kong 737 fits no worries. I keep one attached to my personal anchor system (safety line) because I know it'll clip into any anchor. At the same time, the Bid D shape allows for a nice wide opening, making clipping easy, and the shape ensures the load is distributed along the major axis. I’ve always loved the KeyLock desgin, as it means the carabiner doesn’t snag on anything. They are the best all purpose carabiner out there, in my opinion. Lightweight, perfect size, non-snagging, incredibly hard wearing, and best of all, well-priced.