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Awesome Woodys Petite Cliff Board

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Product Information

The perfect Travel board for training on the go with unsurpassed versatility  !

The Cliff Board Petite™ is the smallest hang board of the Cliff Board range. A no-hassles, throw-it-in-the-pack kind of board, at 20 x 9.5cm and yes its literally only 250g so it is the lightest portable hang board on the market! 

Quick Stats:
• Rails and edges.
• Top rail, 30 mm rounded open handed in-cut.
• 2nd edge, 20 mm rounded flat.
• Back edge,12 mm rounded flat. 
• Pockets, 1 x 3 finger pockets Full Pad , 1 x mono's Full Pad, 
• 1 x hand holes Jug.

Great for Crag Warmups

A good warm up reduces the risk of blowing a tendon or pulley, and it also prepares the fast-twitch muscle fibres in the forearms to activate at their fullest potential on the cliff.  

With the Petite's 30mm, 20mm, 12mm edges, and 1 and a half pad deep pockets, it is the ideal tool for a progressive warm-up at the cliff, ready to send!

Finger training

Due to its portability, not only can you hang off of it as a regular hang board, but you can clip weights to the Petite and train your fingers in a lifting scenario or you can also clip the board to lat pull-down machines at the weights gym.


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