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Awesome Woodys Home Boy Hangboard

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Product Information

The Home Boy is a technical, modern wooden finger-training hangboard with everything you need to train a variety of finger strength training methods.


Awesome Woodys first fixed hangboard, the Home Boy measures in at 590 mm x 230 mm. It allows climbers of all levels access to a simply better training tool with a more fine-grained level of control over hold size, with warm-up jugs, open hand slopers and a range of timber edges from 20mm then 18mm, 16mm, 14mm 12mm, 10mm, 8mm in 2mm increments, and finally a 7mm edge.

The high quality timber edges are accurate to +/- 0.3mm and shaped to perfection, so you can be sure what size edge you're training on. Being made of wood, the edges are friendly to the skin, which means that you can train for longer, and not let skin wear and tear affect your performance. If you’re serious about finger training, you need to check out this board. 


When it comes to finger training, the science is getting more and more consolidated. In 2019, we now know more about how different training methods (protocols) work for different types of climbers than ever before. It’s possible to drown in the detail but the number 1 take home message is this: it is necessary to cycle your training (not staying with one protocol too long) if you want to avoid a plateau. That means you need a board that allows for a maximum of variety in training methods.

The Holds (Top to Bottom):

Warm-up Jugs.
Open Hand Sloper Jugs



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