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Awesome Woodys Cliff Board Mini

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The Cliff Board™ is Systematic in design and it’s versatility to climbers is incredible. 

This 2 sided fingerboard is also full of useful skin friendly features while being compact and totally portable.

The Cliff Board Mini™ is a great tool for recruitment and getting those fast twitch fibers primed for your project of the day.

Weighing in at around 520 grams and about half the size of the screen of a laptop, it measures 350 mm x 135 mm its light and being totally portable it makes the ideal travelling companion. 

Cliff Board™ is precise and systematic with edges and pockets for you to systematically train finger strength and power routine.

Quick Stats:
• Rails and edges.
• Top rail, 30 mm rounded open handed in-cut.
• 2nd edge, 20 mm rounded flat.
• 3rd edge 15 mm rounded flat.
• Back edge, 12 mm rounded edge.
• Pockets, 2 x 3 finger pockets Full Pad , 2 x mono's Full Pad, 1 x 2 finger pocket Full Pad.
• 3 x hand hole Jugs.

Hand made in Australia from plantation timber the Cliff Board™ is super skin friendly and friendly to the environment.


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