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YY Vertical Infinity Large Boulder Brush

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This brush stands out for its very high density of fine-tipped and rigid bristles. This allows it to adapt to complex hold shapes and to remove chalk from nooks and crannies as well as from the texture of climbing holds for deep cleaning.

Unmatched brushing: 3 times more effective than a traditional brush, it is formidable against the chalk on your holds!

The Infinity Brush has also been designed to be durable. The fine bristles are 3 times more resistant than other brushes, and its bamboo structure makes it a very sturdy brush.

Bamboo is renewablerecyclable, and durable; it is a fast-growing, natural grass that rarely needs replanting after being cut.

In short, the Infinity Brush is an efficientdurable, and vegan brush with an elegant design. Try it, and you'll adopt it!


Product Weight:  65g (L)
Product Dimensions:  195 x 33 x 30mm (L)
Wood: Bamboo
Bristles: Nylon

Rigid Nylon Bristles: Ø 0.3mm
Sharpened Tip: Ø 0.05mm


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