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Kong Slyde

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Thanks to the same principle of knots, SLYDE is an ingenious adjuster for ropes that reduces impact forces. It can be used with ropes with a diameter between 9mm and 10mm.
The user can self-make its own system that can be created choosing the most appropriate way for the situation on-point, by taking into account types of rope and connections, number of forces involved, weights, environmental conditions (wet, dust, snow… make the rope stiffer and not so sliding), wear, and what could happen during use. When correctly evaluated, those parameters allow to obtain a system fine-tuned according his requirements. Remember that the free rope end must not slip out from the SLYDE, while giving enough length to absorb the greatest foreseen shock!

Because it is not possible to test all configurations and uses, this device is not a PPE and it has not been tested according to EN958.



Our Reviews

Kong Slyde

I don't think I've ever found such a useful product before that is so simple, affordable, and high quality (well, maybe a Moses cam hook!?) The Kong Slyde is great for making your own adjustable PAS, for rigging purposes, and for providing a degree of shock absorbtion in your personal anchor etc. It's yet another brilliant addition to the long list of affordable/high quality products that Kong has created (Slyde, Kisa, Gi-Gi, Duck etc). Despite its simplicity, it's value and usage are limited only by your imagination. I absolutely love it.


Bought this to build an adjustable Personal Anchor, works amazing, and less then half the price of others.