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Learn The Ropes

Get a best-in-class experience when you take your courses with Pinnacle Sports.

Climbing Programs

Pinnacle's climbing programs are weekly sessions that are designed to be a place to push your climbing skills and learn from experienced guides to improve your technique and strength.


In the sport of climbing, a lifetime of adventure awaits. Why not get started now?

Our program is split into two age groups, 6-11 years of age (kids) and 12-17 years of age (youth), with 8 weekly sessions during a school term. Climbs are set by our qualified guides which will exercise the climber's theoretical knowledge and challenge them to build skill and have fun. Each week kids get to experience a different set of skills and scenarios at Kangaroo Point, with some days spent at other locations, from climbing the heights of the Glass House Mountains, to bouldering at Toohey Forest.

It's a great place for kids to learn to challenge themselves in a non-competitive environment, develop problem solving skills, to build confidence and tenacity, and to get into the outdoors.


Our guides believe that anyone can climb given the right tools and help, which is exactly what they provide with their years spent climbing all over Australia and the world.

Our Outdoor Technique Program runs from the most basics of climbing skills up to technical strength and technique exercises. The goal is to develop an understanding of how your body moves over rock and what is required to be a confident, efficient, and smart climber.

  • Low guide-to-client ratio to provide a more personal experience
  • Improve your skills in rockclimbing
  • All gear, and including climbing shoes provided
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Develop rope skills with our accredited skills courses to keep yourself and your mates safe with practical, efficient, and best-practise setups.

Top Rope Setup Course

The Pinnacle Sports Top Rope course covers all of the rope skills necessary to build top rope anchors, resulting in a nationally accredited certification. We run the course over two days, the first day in the Glass House Mountains and the second at Kangaroo Point (Brisbane). Everything is practical; you'll be building the anchors yourself and climbing on them! There are preliminary comprehensive exams sent prior to the start date which must be completed. This is a great option for those looking to get into the world of outdoor climbing and are looking for some rope skills to get started safely.

Abseil Course

Our Abseiling Course teaches you how to set up anchors for abseiling and how to abseil safely down natural rock features. Abseiling is a vital skill in the world of rock climbing, and doing it with proper safety measures is essential as it is often the most dangerous part of vertical navigation.

The course runs over a single day in the Glass House Mountains. It is also fully accredited, so you will come out with evidence of your learning.

Sport Lead Course

If you want to climb self-sufficiently at any sport climbing crag, lead climbing is an essential skill. It allows you to climb cliffs bottom-up with nothing but what's on your harness. It is tricky to do properly and safely, however, as there is lots of nuance and protocol - which is why Pinnacle offers a thorough and all-inclusive and thorough two day course to give you the skills you need to get out to the crag. The course takes place at a variety of outdoor climbing locations.

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Self Rescue (Vertical Mobility)

Vertical mobility skills are fundamental and necessary to a climber's tool kit. This course covers the skills necessary to get yourself out of trouble on a cliff-face, including rappelling best practices, essential knots, different ways to ascend and descend ropes with minimal equipment, knot bypasses, and much more.

The course takes place over two days at Kangaroo Point (Brisbane), and is led by our best-in-class instructor team with small group-to-instructor ratios. If you're looking for skills to assist you in rescuing your climbing partner, see Vertical Rescue below.

Vertical Rescue

Our Vertical Rescue course is the cream of rock climbing skills courses. Taking place over five days with a best-in-class team of instructors, you will be guided through everything you need to know to get both yourself and your partner out of harm's way when things turn sour in the mountains. We cover a range of scenarios with many different types of gear so that you can feel confident adventuring and knowing you have the skills to keep yourself and your mates safe.

This course will leave you nationally accredited in vertical rescue.

  • Prepare yourself for when the worst strikes
  • Thorough and captivating, a master-class in ropework
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Guiding / Leadership

Single Pitch Climb/Abseil Leader

This course will accredit you to lead/guide groups through single pitch abseiling and top rope climbing in a commercial setting. The course consists of theory and practical assessment.

Artificial Surfaces Climbing Leader

This course will accredit you to lead/guide groups who are top roping on artificial surfaces such as in a climbing gym. The course consists of theory and practical assessment. Dates are available on request.

  • Instructed by PACI certified instructors
  • For more details contact us at 07 3368 3335
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We Are Rock Locals.

Pinnacle is committed to providing the best experience possible to all of our clients. Not only are our guides and instructors fully qualified but our qualifications are kept current with regular training and skills refreshment. We take training and safety seriously to ensure all of our courses are run with minimal risk and that all of our clients are taught the best way to do things. Having instructors with 20 years of industry experience, we know how to create an engaging learning environment that is paced to your needs.

  • Trusted by climbers since 2003
  • Our instructors are climbers
  • A strong safety-first culture
  • Instructors are experienced and fully qualified