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Climbing Technology UP YOU GO Haul System

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Auto-locking haul system with 4:1 mechanical advantage – or 5:1 if used upside down – ideal for use in rescue operations. Developed for lifting and releasing an injured operator or for tensioning a system.



  • CE-marked and tested with a load of 18 kN for 3 minutes;
  • Extremely compact system, ideal where space for manoeuvring is limited;
  • It prevents the load from slipping back once has been retrieved, making hauling operations smoother and faster;
  • Comprised of UP ROLL and UP ROLL pulleys, equipped with sheaves mounted on ball bearings;
  • It comes with a closable pouch to reduce bulk during transport;
  • Drawstring closure that further expedites setting up the equipment;
  • Equipped with rope guide (patent pending), installed on the lower pulley, that keeps rope strands parallel and reduces the risk of tangling while in use;
  • Locking and unlocking of the cam with a single hand movement, even with gloves on, via the freelock system;
  • Supplied with two oval OVX TG carabiners with triplex gate and anti-rotation elements;
  • Equipped with an 8 mm EN 564 accessory cord (2m length).


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