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Top Crags to Beat the heat - Boulder Edition

A boulder sesh with a splash of summer. Here’s our top crag locations where you can get a spot of swimming in after a hard send.

Cedar Creek Bouldering

Best time of day: All day

Access: 20 minute walk from the carpark

Pinnacle Team Pick: Cosmic Dancefloor (standing V1, ★★★ | sit start V4, ★★★)

Considerations: Stick to the gorge, it is private land one one side and this ensures trespassing is avoided. This site can be prone to flash flooding. Avoid visiting if the forecast is for heavy rain.

Photograph: Phoebe Appleby

Burleigh Heads

Best time of day: Time your climb with low tide time as some climbs become inaccessible or wet at high tide.

Access: Park on the southern end of Marine Parade in Miami, or alternatively, on the Esplanade on the southern side of the headland in front of Shark Bar. Walk to the beach then head left towards the base of the lookout.

Pinnacle Team Pick: Sloth (V2 ★)

Considerations: This rock is sharp. Pack tape and band aids, let the salt water sanitize your battle wounds.

Photograph: Sally Paczkowski

Terrors Creek

Best time of day: All day

Access: There is parking for several cars behind the guard rail. Parking is 5.5km from the Mt Mee Rd turn off from Dayboro. Turn in behind the "Terrors Creek - George Juffs Bridge" sign. From the parking, follow the foot pads down to the boulders in the creek. Walk along the boulders for a couple of minutes until you reach a steep section. Follow this down until there is a large boulder on your right. This is the back of the Main Boulder. If you scramble down the creek from the main boulder you will find the "easy" slabs of Lower Tier.

Pinnacle Team Pick: V7 link traverse(V7 ★★)

Considerations: Take caution after rain. The start hold of some climbs may seep water after rainfall. Take care visiting the Lower Tier after heavy rainfall as the water level can rise, causing boulders in this area to be underwater.

Photograph: Frank Menken


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