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Guide to Buying A Climbing Gift

So, you’ve got a friend, family-member, or significant other who likes to climb and you’re thinking you might get them a climbing-related gift. But you don’t know what to get! Don’t worry, we’re here to help!


Our list of recommendations might seem small, but this is because climbing gear can be quite personal and we wouldn’t want to recommend that you buy someone a piece of kit that they don’t like and will never use. The products we have set out below are almost universally appreciated by climbers of all disciplines.


The Essentials Pack


The Essentials Pack is a bundle of gear that caters to every climber. Each product is something that gets “used up” (yes, even the brushes - the bristles wear away from use) and so will need replacing at some point. You can buy this with confidence that the recipient will definitely get use out of it, no matter what kind of climbing they do.


Portable Hangboard


A hangboard is the key to unlocking that crazy finger strength every climber wants. Awesome Woodys is a Brisbane company that makes fantastic portable hangboards that can be hung up in a rental property, taken to the crag for warm ups, or taken on holiday to maintain fitness while away from climbing. Because they’re boards are portable (except for the Homeboy), there’s no need to worry about where they’re going to go!




Sometimes a climber really doesn’t need any new gear. If that’s the case, they’re probably pretty climbing obsessed, so maybe they’d like to read about climbing? We’ve got a great selection of guide books, books on training, biographies, and historical accounts. 


This is not for every climber, as with the increasing popularity of bouldering, many climbers never use a rope in their life! But if you know that you’re recipient is definitely interested in rope climbing, we recommend getting them a nice 9.8mm rope. This is the ideal all-round diameter that any climber can use, whether it becomes their main rope or is their workhorse rope. We recommend getting a 70m length as it will be more versatile, but a 60m length is fine as well. The Tendon Ambition (also available in the Complete Shield version for extra durability), Beal Karma, and Mammut Eternity are all good options.


If you want to get them a super-swish rope, you can’t go wrong with the Tendon TeFIX 70m. Featuring the latest in rope technology and striking colours, this is a rope that will get instant crag-cred to any climber who rocks up with one.


Gift Card


If none of the above ideas sound right for the person you’re buying for, then consider a gift card. A gift card lets them choose their own gear while still showing that you’re a fan of their climbing pursuits!


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