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Chillaz Rookie and Working Pants Review

Written by Steve Thompson

I’ve had the pleasure of trying out these two greats pairs of pants from Chillaz and have been very happy with both of them.

The Rookie

These ultra-comfortable and durable pants come in a variety of colours, with dark grey, tan, deep red, and electric blue all being offered. Personally, I have been wearing the electric blue and have loved them.

These pants are definitely a winter choice as the material is quite thick. I found myself progressively rolling them up further and further as the weather warmed up over the last two months and I suspect they will be temporarily shelved once summer truly hits.

The thickness of the material definitely has its advantages though, having saved my skin plenty of times. When jamming my leg into a knee-bar or navigating the super-textured holds and walls of the new gyms, I was certainly grateful to be wearing the Rookie pants.

Although I haven’t personally tried them, the Rookie does also come in a shorts version that I imagine would be perfect for the warmer temperatures of summer.

You can view our range of Rookie pants here.

The Working Pants

Unlike the loud colours of the Rookie, the Working Pants come in a more subdued denim colour. Don’t be fooled though, they are (very sneakily) not actually made out of denim but are, in fact, a cotton/lycra blend. The lycra ensures that these pants offer a full range of motion for those tricky high-steps, drop-knees, and figure-fours.

Made out of a lighter material than the Rookie, the warm temperatures of summer will not feel quite as oppressive when wearing these bad boys.

One cool little feature of these pants is the pocket designed specifically to hold chalk brushes. This lets you take a brush up a climb without having to worry about landing awkwardly on it should you fall. Of course, you could put anything you like in that pocket. Perhaps you’d like to stash an emergency muesli bar in there. You’re limited only by the size of the pocket and you imagination.

While their denim appearance is perfectly standard, they do have a cheekily stylish cuff, making these the perfect pants for the fashion-minded climber. They’re great for everyday wear and you’ll always be ready for an impromptu climbing session.

Unfortunately, we do not have stock in store just yet but it's on the way. In the meantime, you can have a gander here.


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