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CAMP Supernova Review

Written by Pinnacle Ambassador Lucy Stirling

When it comes to harnesses, I've always opted for the most lightweight, light-feel harness. Not necessarily to save every little ounce of weight on the wall, but because I like the feeling of not being able to notice the harness is even there. I like to feel agile and not restricted by a heavy chunky harness. Although those bigger harnesses may feel like a couch when I'm sitting in them for long periods, they can also bechunky and restrictive when actually climbing.

Most harnesses these days are fairly light-weight and unless you want to save absolutely every ounce of weight, then most of the new harness models should generally fit the criteria. However, not all are comfortable to sit in for even short periods of time. When you’re working a climb, especially steep or overhung routes, it can be back breaking work falling awkwardly in your harness over and over again, and unless your harness not only supports your back but provides comfortable enough leg support, then I can guarantee you will want to be back on the ground before you've only had a couple of shots at pulling that hard move on your project.

My Camp Supernova harness has been my favourite harness yet. While it provides heaps of comfort which makes a huge difference when working on those hard steep routes, it is also lightweight, never getting in the way of my climbing.

Other than being both light-weight and comfortable, there are many other aspects of this harness which adds to its appeal. The mesh-like padding material is both light and breathable, which is perfect for those hot summer days at the crag.

One of my favourite aspects of the harness are the two extra loops for the extra waist strap tail and waist band itself. The loop on the inside of the waist-belt stops the other side of the waist-belt from slipping up or down when tightened as much as possible. I have quite a small waist so it keeps everything in a nice neat line. The extra waist strap also has its own loop so it doesn’t hang around and get in the way at all. I also love the bright blue and green colour which is a nice change from the general pinks, purples and flower-patterns used for other specifically Women’s designed harnesses.

I highly recommend this harness for mainly sport climbing ladies, but with its amazing comfort and support, I believe it would also perform well as an all-rounder harness as well.

Check out the harness here. [Editor's note July 2019: we no longer stock the Camp Supernova. The closest harness in our current range would be the Wild Country Mission]


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