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Beal D4 Descender

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Product Information

Steel auto-locking descender with anti-panic function designed for increased durability within a work at height or rescue environment.



  • 2 safety features: the anti-panic function is triggered and stops the descent immediately when the user pulls the handle too abruptly; the descent is automatically stopped when the user lets go of the handle.
  • Thick metal in high friction areas helps to increase the device s lifetime in high use environment.
  • The handle allows the rate of descent to be finely controlled and its 360 degree rotation facilitates its use. Its aluminium body is covered with a grip enhancing material. In addition, an audible clicking sound accompanies the handle s rotation to help the user to identify the handle s correct position.
  • The device is locked using a metal button which prevents it from accidentally opening whilst ascending a rope.
  • Movement along horizontal or low incline surfaces is made easy by simply controlling the cam with your thumb.
  • The D4 s maximum working load is 240 kg. It is therefore suitable for rescues with a two man load, without having to introduce additional friction.
  • The D4 can be used with 10.5 to 11.5mm diameter ropes.


  • Controlling the descent
  • Easily move over horizontal or low incline surfaces
  • Work positioning
  • Allows for short rope ascents.

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