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What Pack Is Suitable For You?

If you are reading this you are probably tired of hauling your gear up a mountain in the JanSport backpack that you’ve owned since your high school days. Yes, climbing packs can be expensive but, they are going to save you and your back a lot of grief in the long run.

There are a couple of things to consider before committing to a purchase:

     1. What would you be using this pack for?

     2. Does your pack suit your back length?


Man in climbing gym wearing suit


Your use of a pack will determine the size, shape and features of a pack. To help you narrow down what would be the most suitable pack for you, we have listed a few uses of a pack:


Single Pitch Sports Climbing

Generally speaking, sports climbing is a full-day activity. It may involve a steep approach, some bush bashing, or even a sketchy traverse. Either way, you would be looking at packing a few things besides your climbing gear. A pack with a capacity up to 45l would be ideal for a full day at the crag. It would hold all your climbing essentials, including a rope and helmet, water, lunch, and a puffer jacket to keep you toasty at high altitudes. .

Pinnacle's Pick:

Osprey Mutant 38,

Osprey Zealot 45,

Snap Snapack 40,

Mammut Neon 45

single pitch packs


  Trad Pack

Trad Climbing

When it comes to trad climbing, your gear takes priority over everything. Trad gear is bulky and you need lots of it. A pack that can hold weight while being comfortable is essential for you to be able to carry everything to and from the crag. Sturdy packs with ample padding make a huge difference in carrying heavy loads.

Pinnacle's Pick:

Mammut Neon 45

Osprey Zealot 45


Adventure / Multi-Pitch Climbing

This style of climbing is usually very technical on very exposed terrain. You would only be considering carrying the absolute essentials. Packs that come with features such as internal hydration sleeves, rope carrying straps, and external webbing loops are very handy to allow for more internal storage of gear.

Pinnacle's Pick: 

Daylite Cinch,

Osprey Kitsuma

Osprey Mutant 22

Ultralight Stuff Sack



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