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How To Survive Climbing Season

We’re coming into the best months of the year to be climbing in Queensland. With so many people joining the climbing community, it’s important we look after each other and follow the correct ethics while adventuring out into the mountains. We’ve curated a short survival checklist to get you through this climbing season.


1. Bring a First Aid Kit

Prepare for the unexpected. Bonus points if you bring a snake bite kit as well.


2. Bring Head Torches

You never know if your day out will turn into an epic and make for a benightment. The days are getting shorter, with sunset hitting around 5pm during May, June and early July. Illuminate your approach with a trusty headtorch! You don’t want to ruin an epic day out with a twisted ankle on the walk back to the car.


3. Plan Your Day

If venturing to a new location or route, factor enough time for the delays and the exit (remember the days are shorter in winter). Let someone know where you are going and what time you would be returning.


4. Bring Appropriate Attire

Now we’re starting to feel those autumn temperatures, don't forget to bring the right clothes for the job. You can be on belay for a lot longer than expected, and sitting in a harness gets cold. The wind hits harder up high, so bring a windbreaker, light weight thermals or cozy attire for when you’re off the wall. While it is cooler, that doesn't stop the mosquitoes so pack some bug spray too!


5. Prepare to be Offline

Some crags will take you out of service range for some providers. You can download route details for offline use on, or bring along a handy guide book that doesn’t rely on wifi.


6. Pack Spare Hardware

Be ready for the worst case scenario. Carry back up biners, and a backup belay device in case any gear is dropped along the way.


7. Leave No Trace

Leave nothing behind but your footprints. Bring a brush if you’re a chalk heavy user, bring a dry sack as a litter bag, and get a pack-in-pack-out toilet kit ready for bush bathroom emergencies (please leave our multis clean!).


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