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Wild Country Superlight Offset Rock Set 5 – 10

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Our Reviews

Very good but no game changer

These are a very versatile nut and for this reason are an ideal choice where weight is a significant factor- alpine routes or nut hungry routes where double or more sets might be carried. In a normal (not offset) orientation they are nice and slender and bring great relief where a shallow placement is the only option. In highly textured rock they work surprisingly well, as again, their skinny profile can be slipped in-between nubbins and crystals. However, I find that this advantage is more obvious in the smaller sizes- hence the deserved reputation of their small brother, the WC Superlight Rocks. My main issue with these Superlight Offsets is that sizes 5-9 have a narrower and floppier wire, making subtle or hurried placements very challenging at times (especially sizes 8 and 9). As an offset nut they are very good but after 6 months using these, I prefer my DMM Alloy Offsets every time. I think this is due to the fact that the DMMs have a sloping 'foot', which makes them easier to set in pods/flares, where the Superlight Offset is prone to pivoting on the square profile of its foot. These are a good nut for those who NEED minimum weight and perhaps the unique slender profile, but in many instances I think other nuts are preferable.