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SNAP. Big Chalk Bag Craven

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An eco-friendly big chalk bag limited edition by Benjamin Craven.

  • Little extra = bigger version than the chalk pocket zip edition
  • Fleece lining = for climber’s hands looking for softness
  • Chalk brush-holder and closure cord = nothing left to lose
  • Large and comfortable belt included = keep it close to you
  • Metallic buckle = no plastic and long lasting
  • Recycled polyester = save the planet with dry hands
  • With TPU coating = for a really dry chalk all year around
  • For rock climbers and boulderers.

Benjamin Craven is inspired by everyday sights and occurrences, from the bright colours of the supermarket cleaning aisle, to architectural collisions – high, low, and all around. The surroundings of the day-to-day makes up his source of inspiration and, through his work, he sets out to encourage the viewer to consider playfulness in art and life.

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