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Climbskin Vrush Boulder Brush

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Bamboo and recycled nylon. 100% Vegan Climbing Brush

  • When we use a brush on a dam or a ridge we simply think about how well it cleans or how beautiful the brush is… But have you ever wondered what the bristles of these climbing brushes are made of? Well, most are made of animal hair bristles such as boar, pig, horse, pony and badgers, which are captured or intensively raised as objects for it… No animal hair, 100% Vegan You have to brush the edges/dams and leave no trace, right? That your brush does not leave a mark in any way.
  • Very high density thanks to its fibers with 2 different hardnesses.
  • Fiber design to help remove magnesium in a more mechanical way in addition to the classic drag. Hard enough to clean dams or rock but without damaging them. Beware of excessively hard brushes depending on the type of rock!

Brush, chain & brush (Brush, send & brush)


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