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Tendon Master TeFIX 9mm Dynamic Rope Per Metre

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Product Information

If you want to have a lightweight rope for sport climbing and if you would like to use it occasionally in the mountains also, Master 9.0 is a good choice. In addition, this rope makes use of the TeFIX® technology which increases resistance and prolongs the lifespan of the rope thanks to the connection of the core and the sheath.



A brand new patented technology TeFIX® provides for permanent connection of the core and the sheath. This is achieved by special materials added between the sheath and the core and an additional technological procedure that provides for durable connection of the core and the sheath. 

Benefits of the TeFIX® technology:

  • Guaranteed zero sheath slippage
  • Softer rope with excellent handling
  • By 3% lower dynamic elongation
  • Possibility of emergency use of the rope even in case of completely damaged sheath



Rope diameter (mm):      9
Weight (g/m):      55
Number of UIAA falls:      Single: 6 / Half: 19 / Twin: 33
Max Impact Force (kN):      Single: 8.9 / Half: 6.5 / Twin: 10.8
Sheath slippage (%):      zero
Static Elongation (%):      9.6
Dynamic Elongation (%):      Single: 31 / Half: 29 / Twin: 25
Knotability:      0.9
Certification(s):      CE 1019, EN 892
Type:      Single, Half, Twin

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