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Trango Vergo

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Product Information

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The Vergo emphasizes ergonomics and human-device interaction to deliver exceptionally safe performance. Clear physical and visual indicators reaffirm correct usage, and the geometry reduces the likelihood of misuse. There is never a need to override the device, even when feeding slack for a clip. Smooth feeding and lowering complete the experience.

  • The world's most ergonomic belay device
  • Never a need to override the device
  • Horizontal feeding for more efficient slack management
  • Smoothest feeding assisted-braking device available
  • Compact design, fits easily into your hand
  • Clear physical and visual indicators reaffirm correct usage

Weight: 195  g

Recommended Single Rope Diameter: 8.9-10.7 mm

Smoothest feeding locking-assist device available

Assembled in the USA of Domestic and Foreign Parts

Our Reviews

Easy it is to give slack quickly

It's easy to pay out slack and the device is light and compact. The rope runs smooth, though it can be a bit awkward lowering. Overall best used for Sport climbing and Red point burns.