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CU Belay Glasses Transparent

  • $15995
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CU (see you) Belay Glasses enable sport & wall climbers to reduce or completely eliminate 'Belayer’s Neck'. Although many people accept pain and discomfort as inevitable aspects of belaying; it needn’t be that way!
CU prisms provide a clear, non inverted image, allowing you to view the route and climber whilst looking straight ahead. Use of the CU glasses instantly corrects neck posture, and can transform the belayer's experience.
CU users report partial or complete alleviation from tension, discomfort, headaches, neck, back and shoulder pain, and freedom from regular osteopath, physiotherapy or chiropracty sessions. For those with pre-existing neck/back conditions and injuries to delicate neck structures, use of the CU can sometimes make the difference between continuing or giving up belaying. For all belayers, regardless of age or present neck-health, correcting neck posture (maintaining a neutral unstressed position) can help prevent future problems or injury. CU Belay Glasses are used worldwide by recreational and professional climbers alike, for belaying and studying routes, and by competition judges and spectators for all-day comfort!
The CU comes along in a solid plastic box with microfiber cleaning cloth and glasses holder.
100% Made in Germany
Frame: high quality stainless steel with flip flop color surface
Prism: BK7, high quality optical glass

For Australian Sales Only

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