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Blue Water II++ Static 9.5mm

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The new version of the bench mark rope. BlueWater have advanced rope technology another step. Both the double twist, ables core and the double twist, cabled sheath of BlueWater static ropes have been changed and improved. Hence the name "plus plus".

The core remains 100% polyamide (nylon) but is now made from a higher performance material than before. The sheath is now made from a pot dyed polyester, which has less elongation than the polyamide previously use. The high enegy absorption capacity polyamide core is combined with the low elongation polyester sheath top produce an exceptionally well balanced static rope. BlueWater II++ has very low stretch at working loads but retains excellent energy absorption.

Both the core and sheath materials are stronger than in BlueWater II+. The BlueWater II++ has more fibre in the sheath than its predecessor, without any noticeable increase in diameter. The result is a rope that is 10% stronger than the equivalent BlueWater II+.

Polyester has resistance to certain chemicals (especially acids) and polyamide has resistance to different chemicals (especially alkalis). The combination of the two materials increases the safety margin, when ropes have to be used in adverse conditions. While polyamide can be treated to give adequate resistance to UV radiation, polyester has a higher natural resistance to UV radiation than polyamide. 

All BlueWater static ropes are still made in Australia in BlueWater's AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 certified facility.

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