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Awesome Woodys Cliff Board

  • 14995

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The Awesome Woodys Cliff Board is the most versatile finger board available to climbers. This 2 sided fingerboard is packed with useful features while being compact and totally portable. The Cliff Board can be hung anywhere you can throw a single sling or clip a single carabiner to.

The Cliff Board not only delivers climbers an awesome workout at home, it is the ideal tool for a progressive warm-up at the cliff. Just unclip it from your home setup, stash it in your pack and hang it at the cliff. Get those fast twitch fibres going so youre primed for your project of the day .

At only 840grams and smaller than the screen of a note book computer at 340 mm x 210 mm, the Cliff Board is also perfectly suited for traveling climbers or climbers who often work away from home and want to stick to a training routine.

With precision wood machining your Cliff Board offers a good variety of holds, edges and pockets for you to systematically work through our finger strength routine. Train Upper body strength and power on the large positive rungs and holds. Work finger strength on the various 2 and 3 finger pockets. Isolate finger strength on the deep mono pockets. Train your open hand crimp and half crimp on the 2 positive edge rails and test your finger tip slope strength on the 2 (slightly) negative angle rails.

Hand made in Australia from plantation timber the Cliff Board is super friendly on your skin and the environment. Each Cliff Board comes with instructions and 2 workout programs for beginners to advanced.
Made in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

NB:carabiner not included

Correct cord and hand position for board


Cliff Board, face 2, has 2 and 3 finger pockets at 30mm deep. 3 finger pockets at 20mm deep. 2 finger pocket at 20mm. Mono pockets at 30mm.

12mm and 8mm (slightly) sloping edges.

Weight: 840g

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