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8BPlus Floyd Chalk Bag

  • 4495

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Hello, my name is Floyd. I like rocks... and the flowers that grow between them. I am a very tall and strong, and I am a very talented climber.... My mum always tells me.
Floyd is, lets say... a very sweet-natured personality. He wouldn't harm a fly sitting on the rock enjoying the sunshine. He'd rather climb around it than chasing it away.
All 8BPLUS Chalkbags come with:
- Aluminium Clip Carabiner
- Embroidered waist belt
- Cool Gift packaging
- Extra large and stiff access rim
- 2 brush holders (for left and right-handed people)
Strict use of quality materials, robust craftmanship, the 12.5cm big access, and lots of creative little details make this 8BPLUS chalkbag something special.
All Boulder and Climbing grades. Especially 8b+ and up.
Developed by Climbers.
Designed in Tirol / Austria.

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