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Blue Water 50mm Tubular Webbing 46m

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2 inch (50mm) wide BlueWater Climb-Spec webbing has exceptional abrasion resistance while maintaining a smooth handling. NOTE: Two sections of 2 inch webbing tied with a water knot has an average strength of 6,000 lbf. Tied in a loop using a water knot the average tensile is 9,000+lbf. CE and UIAA Certified. 100% Nylon.
Available in:
  • 50 Yd  (46m) Lengths in Black
  • Width: 2″(50mm)
  • Grams Per Meter: 71
  • Tensile Strength: 7,126 lbf. (31.6 kN)
  • UIAA, CE

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