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Kong Ghost Belay Device Cyan

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Product Information

The Kong  Ghost descender is a  multiuse device. It can be used both with one or two ropes from 7,5 to 10,5 mm diameter.

It allows dynamic belay to the leader and self-locking belay to the second (independent if the seconds are two). It works very well for rapelling. It allows lowering and lifting manouvres simply rotating the device. A HMS connector is reccomended.

Our Reviews

Works as expected - very compact.

I picked up a couple of new belay devices including the Kong Ghost and Petzl Reverso after purchasing some thinner dia ropes than what my current ATC guide and girlfriend’s DMM Pivots were rated for (Double 8.5 Operas). I said to Pinnacle that I’d share my thoughts. I have used the Ghost for 8 months or so, single and double ropes, climbing and abseiling. It works as expected for regular belaying/abseiling - same as other tube devices. It’s very small and lightweight. For belaying a second on single rope in guide mode the manufacturer recommends an interesting method - rather than clipping the guide loop to the anchor (for direct belay) they recommend you clip the other hole (that would be for another rope). This way you can invert the device if you need to give some slack to your second - I thought that was very innovative (very important to read the manual for full description!). When using the Ghost in regular guide mode it’s very difficult to give some slack on double ropes (DMM Pivot is best I’ve tried for this) although it will depend on the intricacies of your anchor setup. I tried to redirect the brake and then pivot the device using a sling redirected to the single mallion (that was attached to a sling around a tree branch), and I tried to use my body weight - but it wasn’t happening as everything was all in line. I didn’t bother trying in future. More efficient to ratchet the biner back and forth to lower a few inches (and onto a prusik and switch to harness belay if lowering significantly). For regular belaying or abseiling I found I mostly had to take the the device off of my biner completely to attach to the rope as the loop is metal and small (compared with an ATC which has that flexible wire loop). Not ideal as it would be very easy to drop it. I bought the device as it was rated for the new 8.5mm ropes that I’d just bought. It’s quite complicated comparing the rope dia range that can be used with different belay devices. Sometimes it’s not even written on the device. The Ghost simply covers 7.5-10.5mm ropes (Single, twin, double). Yay, simple! For 8.5mm triple rated rope this has you covered for all scenarios. ATC guide covers 8.9-11 single, 8.1-11 half and double) Reverso covers 8.5-11 single, 7.1-9.2 half, 6.9-9.2 double. (So for 8.5mm triple rated ropes this device has you covered in all scenarios) A DMM Pivot covers 8.7-11 single, 7.3-9.2 for half and double. This is the best device I’ve tried for letting out slack for your second. And for regular belaying or abseiling on a Single rope you could double up your biner to get more friction. I decided to buy a Reverso so my misses would be within the recommendations of the manufacturer in all scenarios. If the Pivot had a wider rope dia range would probably be the most versatile and best tube style device ever! (Shame this web form removes any paragraphs/formatting)