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Juncture Liquid Chalk 80ml

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Product Information

Juncture liquid chalk is a cream-like texture that is smooth to the touch and sinks deep between the crevices of your hands and fingerprints for a longer and better grip friction performance.

Key Features:

  • 70% Alcohol Concentration

Removes initial grime, dirt, common bacteria and viruses that creates a clean slate for your hands for maximum friction performance.

  • Cools Sweaty Hands

High alcohol concentration cools nervous hands from heavy focused workouts. Focus on your session and not on your hands.

  • Reduces Chalk Dust In Air 

Controls the right amount of chalk on your hands unlike loose chalk.

  • High Grade Ingredients

Simple high grade ingredients that are safe on climbing holds, bars, or any calisthenic type athletics. Non-tacky formula and washes off easy.

  • Long Sustaining Friction Performance

Contains finely milled chalk ingredients that are designed to get into the crevices of your finger prints and hands for increased friction and grip performance.

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