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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there weight restrictions on your activities?

There is no minimum or maximum weight you must be. The only requirement is that you can fit into a harness. Our harnesses have a maximum waist circumference of 150cm.


Are there height restrictions on your activities?

There is no minimum or maximum height you must be.

Are there age restrictions on your activities?

The minimum age to take part in the activity is 8 years of age. There is no maximum age so long as you are fit to participate. We do not recommend these activities if you have

  • Neck, back, heart disorders
  • High/low blood pressure
  • Recent surgery/illness/ injury
  • Not recommended during pregnancy
  • Other adverse medical conditions

How fit/strong do I need to be to participate?

There is no strength requirement to take part in either abseil or climbing activities. For abseil you ended to be able to walk back up to the top of the cliff. For rock climbing outdoor climbs have different levels of difficulty and we set up on a selection of climbs with different levels. There is always more than one way to complete a climb!


At Kangaroo Point, an average level of fitness is required as there’s no hike to get to the cliff.

In the Glass House, we recommend a moderate level of fitness as the hike to the summit can be strenuous and you will be carrying a backpack with some gear.


What is belaying?

Climbing is a partner sport - one person climbs whilst the other belays. Belaying is when you are in control of the other end of the rope. You have a device which allows you to remove ‘slack’ from the rope, keeping the climber nice and tight so that they don't fall if they let go. Belaying is a simple process. All our climbing activities begin with a safety and belay induction.


What happens in inclement weather?

Adverse weather such as heavy rain is cause for us to reschedule activities in order to ensure the best experience possible. It can be hard or impossible to climb in the rain. However, this is up to the discretion of the guide taking the activity, so some activities may run if only light rain is predicted. If you do not hear from us, the activity is going ahead. We will contact participants if the activity is to be rescheduled.


What do I wear?

Wear unrestrictive clothes that you are comfortable to stretch and move around in. You’ll probably get warm and sweaty so exercise clothes are recommended. Bring warm layers in the colder months and sun protection in the warmer months.


Do I need my own gear?

Pinnacle Sports will provide you with all the gear necessary to climb or abseil. This includes climbing shoes, a helmet, harness, belay devices, ropes, etc..


Can I use my own gear?

As long as your gear is rated to recreational climbing standards and has not expired, you may use your own gear. This is subject to inspection and the discretion of the guide.


What's your cancellation policy?

Click here for our adventures cancellation policy page, or click here for a link to our courses cancellation policy page.


Can I come by myself?

For sure, you do not need to bring a climbing partner with you. Our groups of clients are always super friendly and it’s easy to get involved even if you’re coming alone. By the end of the day you’ll be one big team!


I've never climbed or abseiled before, can I still come?

Yep, we have no requirements for technical skill level, so anyone is able to participate. Our qualified guides will let you know what you need to do on the day.


I'm scared of heights, should I do this activity?

For many, going climbing or abseiling is a great way to face their fears. It makes for a safe and secure environment in which you can experience moving through height with a supportive framework of guides and friends to help you through.


Can I make a booking for a time not advertised?

Absolutely! We can arrange alternative times (subject to minimum numbers and guide availability). Contact our friendly team and we can discuss alternate times for your climbing or abseiling adventure/tour. Our number is 07 3368 3335 or email


Private tutoring?

If you are looking for private tuition we can assist. Please contact us to discuss your requirements so we discuss how to best meet your needs. Please call in store at 07 3368 3335 or use our online contact form by clicking here.