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Climbing Meta Base Layer

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**NOW IN 250ml**

Use as a stand-alone with flip lid for easy application or refill your 50ml liquid chalk. 

Climbing meta Base Layer has been designed to provide climbers with a uniform and durable coating of liquid chalk to help keep your hands dry when climbing. We use a unique cream blend that goes on easily, reduces skin irritation and requires fewer applications. When you need maximum friction for climbing, break out the base layer!


Note: this product contains colophonium (aka pof/rosin) and there is some evidence that liquid chalks containing this ingredient leave residue that is quite difficult to remove, which can have adverse long-term effect on outdoor rocks. Until the evidence is more clear, it may be prudent to use this chalk for indoor climbing only.

Climbing Meta says: "In the case of our liquid chalk, colophonium is a very minor ingredient. When used as directed it would have no more impact on the rock than using standard loose chalk and likely leave less of a trace."


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