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Scarpa Furia Review

Scarpa Furia Review</p>
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By Adam Sebastian West When it comes to soft rubber and ultra sensitivity in a climbing shoe, the Scarpa Furia has got you covered. I have always been a huge fan of soft shoes and ‘feeling’ exactly what is beneath my toes, but the Furia starts with great sensitivity and continues with a solid all round feel, impeccable toe-down design and great consideration for even the tiniest of heel hooks. The rubber, Vibram XS, is super soft and generally lives up to the reputation of ‘sticky rubber’. Because this is such a soft rubber, consideration needs to be given to the...

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Chillaz Rookie and Working Pants Review

Chillaz Rookie and Working Pants Review</p>
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By Stephen Thompson I’ve had the pleasure of trying out these two greats pairs of pants from Chillaz and have been very happy with both of them. The Rookie These ultra-comfortable and durable pants come in a variety of colours, with dark grey, tan, deep red, and electric blue all being offered. Personally, I have been wearing the electric blue and have loved them. These pants are definitely a winter choice as the material is quite thick. I found myself progressively rolling them up further and further as the weather warmed up over the last two months and I suspect they will...

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