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Blog — Training

What Japan Taught Me

What Japan Taught Me</p>
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What Japan Taught Me  Written by Lucy Stirling. “Move quicklySound, calm mindBe light in bodyHave a clever mindMaster the basics” - Gōgen Yamaguchi These are wise words from one of Japan’s most well renowned martial artists – Gōgen Yamaguchi. His words perfectly reflect everything I learnt over in the magical country of Japan. From practising Zazen meditation and training 5 to 6 hours each day, to learning how to rest and recover properly, be patient, and go back to mastering the basics... I feel I’ve targeted some crucial aspects of training that I may have been lacking from my usual...

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Ambassador Update: Off Season

Ambassador Update: Off Season</p>
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Written by Lucy Stirling. For the past few months I’ve gone full throttle into off-season training, focusing entirely on strength and explosive power gains. It’s smack-bang in the heat of the Queensland summer which has made recovery and escaping dehydration one of the greatest challenges. Every morning I’ve woken up at 5:00 A.M. to begin my three-plus hour training session before the rest of my day begins. By this stage its already ridiculously muggy and humid and each training session I can lose one or more kilos in sweat. I do my best to keep up my water and electrolytes...

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