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Guide to Buying a Climbing Rope

DIAMETER & WEIGHT The thickness of a rope is indicative of a few things, namely: weight, durability, and handling. A thinner rope tends to be lighter, less durable, and better handling. For this reason, thin ropes are often chosen for hard routes where weight matters. On the other hand, a thick rope is often used in situations where the rock is abrasive. Some people will even have two ropes – a thick one that they can fall on repeatedly without wearing it out too much and a thin one that they save for send attempts. Single ropes typically range from...

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Guide to Buying a Belay Device

When it comes to belay devices, there are two main categories: assisted-braking and non-assisted-braking. Many people espouse the value of not relying on the device to do the work for you. Others say that an extra layer of security is always a good thing. Regardless, it’s important to be aware of the pros and cons of the devices available.   Belay devices come in many different styles. From left to right, Camp Figure 8, Black Diamond ATC, Edelrid Mega Jul, Petzl GriGri 2. Non-assisted-Braking This category includes devices such as the Petzl Reverso and the Black Diamond ATC. Old-school plates...

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Guide to Buying a Climbing Harness

It goes without saying that your harness is a very important part of keeping you safe when climbing! But that doesn't mean you should buy just any harness with the appropriate safety certifications - there is a lot to consider when choosing your harness. A harness that’s cared for correctly can see up to 10 years of use before it needs to be retired (different manufacturers have different recommendations for retirement age), so it’s worth taking some time to pick out the one that’s right for you. GEAR LOOPS Gear loops on harnesses have come a long way since their...

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Guide to Buying Rock Climbing Shoes

It can be intimidating taking that first step out of the gym’s rental shoes and into a gear shop to pick up a pair of your very own climbing shoes. There are so many to choose from! Does the brand matter? Why are some of them curved? What’s the difference between synthetic and leather? Laces or velcro? Thankfully, we’re here to give you the answers you need to make an informed choice. THE SHAPE Flat  A flat shoe is a good starting point for a first pair of shoes for someone brand new to climbing, but they can also be a...

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A Chat with Kurt Doherty

Kurt Doherty has become a Pinnacle Athlete for short time as we sponsor him specifically to be the Head Route Setter for the FSG Queensland Lead Titles for 2017. We had a chat with Kurt about his climbing and route setting background, have a read! Photo by Sarah Doherty When and how did you start climbing?  My brother, Luke, invited me to go climbing with him at Rocksports over 7 years ago. Fast forward a few years and our transition to climbing outside came when we booked one of Lee Cujes’ awesome Upskill Climbing trips to Kalymnos! With the trip...

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