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Wild Country Revo

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The REVO is a tube-style device with a backup-locking mechanism. In its primary function the REVO is used like a tube-style belay device where the belayer is responsible for maintaining control of the rope; feeding out and taking in slack, and catching a falling climber by pulling the rope tight against the device. While standard belay technique is required, the REVO has the added security of the innovative backup-locking mechanism. The mechanism ensures that if the belayer loses control of the rope when a climber falls, i.e. there is excess slack in the system, the REVO will lock and block the rope. This function is automatic and cannot accidentally be overridden.



Weight: 285g


Rope Range: 8.5 - 11mm  EN 892 (1998 Type A)

EN Standard: EN1515-1 TYPE B

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