1. Grangers XT Spray Waterproofer (Air Dry)

    Price:  $29.95   $26.96

  2. For soft and hard shell fabrics. Advanced spray-on formula enhances breathabiility and increases durable water and stain repellency to all outdoor fabrics. Treats up to 4 pieces of kit.

    • Maximises performance
    • Extended durability
    • Lasts up to 10 washes
    • 275 ml
    • Ideal for any garment with a wicking lining

    How to Clean

    1.Ensure the garment is clean. If garment needs cleaning use Grangers 30 degree cleaner. Ensure all zips and velcro flaps are shut.

    2.Being water based, XT is best applied to a damp garment. Shake the bottle gently and spray evenly onto the garment from a distance of 10 - 15cm

    3.Dab any excess moisture with a clean cloth

    4.XT proofer will give excellent results without tumble drying or ironing. If care label allows tumble dry on medium setting to improve durabliity.  I






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